Practice Areas

Attorney Susan DeMatteo’s areas of family law practice include collaborative practice, mediation and traditional litigation. Using each of these methods, Attorney DeMatteo works with her clients to resolve all of the terms of divorce and separation including child custody, parenting plans, child support, children’s college education, health and life insurance coverage and alimony as well as the fair and equitable division of all real and personal property, pensions, bank accounts.

Collaborative Practice allows clients to fully participate in the resolution and settlement of all of the terms of their divorce with the benefit of their own advocate fully participating in the resolution. Mediation is for couples who, with the assistance of a skilled facilitator, are able to discuss and resolve the terms of their own divorce. The final alternative is litigation. Attorney Susan DeMatteo believes that most family law cases can be resolved without the need for litigation, however, there are some cases that need the assistance of the court system and court imposed remedies.

Attorney Susan DeMatteo reviews these options with her clients so that they may select the best option for them. As a mediator, Attorney Susan DeMatteo remains neutral and facilitates her client’s settlement. As a collaborative attorney or litigator Attorney Susan DeMatteo guides her clients throughout the process of divorce and assists them in achieving resolution with dignity and respect.

  • Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council
  •    International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation

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