Collaborative Law

Collaborative practice is an exciting option for divorcing couples. It is a process whereby the divorcing couple and their respective attorneys negotiate the terms of the couple’s separation and divorce. Collaborative attorneys work as advocates for their clients but use client focused strategies and reasoning to create a positive atmosphere for settlement.

A contract called a Collaborative Process Agreement is signed by both attorneys and the divorcing couple. This agreement defines the collaborative process and the commitment to resolve the separation and divorce without litigation in court. The parties commit to a full and honest exchange of information and to work cooperatively with each other in the settlement process. They resolve to settlement through a series of respectful face to face meetings between the divorcing couple and their attorneys. As needed, skilled and compassionate professionals such as financial advisors, divorce coaches and mental health professionals become part of the collaborative practice team. The collaborative process empowers the divorcing couple to develop terms that work for them and their family.

Attorney Susan DeMatteo believes that collaborative practice makes sense for most divorcing couples. She welcomes inquiries about collaborative practice.

  • Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council
  •    International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation

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